Children Amusement & Playground

While Taipei may be a densely populated city, it also offers plenty of parks and outdoor spaces for those wanting to spend more time outside with their kids. Here's a list of kid-friendly parks or center near NK Hostel. 

► Weplay
     It's closest kids center from NK Hostel.  It has designed many programs that suit every age.

► SanMin Park
  Newly renovated kids inclusive playground, it has slides、sand zone、climing and swinging area.

► MinSheng Park
    It's within Minsheng community and has large spaces.  You may do sorts of activities here.  It also connected with Yanshou Park which has large Children's play.

► Living Mall /  (Please click here for details)
    Living mall is not only a mall for shopping, but it's also known as kids' mall.  You may find many theme parks indoor within the building that fits all ages.

► Stay /
    It also located in Songshan District., only 5 minutes by car.  It's a newly open indoor kids playground.  It does not like other kids indoor playground that serves food and toy.  It provides services for mommy to relax, such as manicure and eyelash.   Kids can also have haircut inside.

► Taipei City Government Parent-child Center (Songshan) / Free entrance by reservation only.
    The Taipei City Government wishes to create a friendly nursing environment for assisting and supporting parents in Taipei City in terms of giving birth, nursing and educating their children. The city government is committed to fulfilling the policy of“one Parent-child Center in every district” that involves establishing nursing-friendly service facilities. 
    As of 2014, a total of 13 Parent-child Centers are operational, offering a safe and warm environment for parents to play, study, and read together with their children.  Taipei City has established Parent-child Centers in 12 districts, each with unique features. Currently, there are a total of 13 Centers, offering games designed to accommodate child development, safe and comfortable spaces for parents to play with their children, nursing and parenting seminars, parent-child activities, child care consultation, and community-oriented services. All caregivers are welcome to bring the kids, let the kids play as they desire, and also play with the kids. 

►Colorful Kids & Veggies House / Kids Restaurant
   This is a restaurant which provides food and also a playground for kids.

► Songshan Airport Observatory Deck / Free entrance
   Every child loves to watch airplane takes-off and landing.  Here is the free entrance observatory deck.

► Xiangshan Park / Free entrance
    Xiangshan park is a newly renovated kid inclusive playground, and it's nearby the Xiangshan trail and 101. 

From NK hostel to Children Amusement & Playground

► Weplay
    Address:3F., No. 315, Section 5, Nanjing East Road, Songshan District, Taipei

► SanMin Park
   Address:  the No.259, Yuyuan Street, Songshan District, Taipei

► MinSheng Park
    Address:  No. 20, Alley 8, Lane 36, Section 5, Minsheng East Road, Songshan District, Taipei

► Living Mall
    Address:  No. 138, Section 4, Bade Road, Songshan District, Taipei

   Address:  No. 305, Jiankang Road, Songshan District, Taipei

► Taipei City Government Parent-child Center (Songshan)
  Address: 3F, No. 163, Section 5, Minsheng East Road, Songshan District, Taipei

► Colorful Kids & Veggies House 
     Address:  No. 38, Beining Road, Songshan District, Taipei

► Songshan Airport Observatory Deck 
    Address:  No. 340-9, DunHua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei

► Xiangshan Park
    Address: Lane 150, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei